The HSP Facebook Group

Following the initial consultation with HBC, one of the actions was to set up a facebook group in order to help us communicate better within the group, attract new supporters and co-ordinate activities more effectively.

This was done and the initial group attendees managed to attract over 50 new members (mainly skateboarders) to join in over the following week or so.

The official facebook group for The Hayling Skatepark Project lives here and is the primary communication channel, where most of the action happens, so make sure you join in order to keep up to date with developments and for the opportunity to have your say and help shape the campaign.

Any existing and new skatepark users, their families, local residents and anyone with an interest in getting a new skatepark are welcome to join the group. It’s currently private so an administrator will need to approve you but we plan to make the group public when we launch the public campaign.

Important to bare in mind that there will be a wide range of different users of all ages in the group, so please respect one another, be kind and share positive vibes. Any misbehaviour will result in the perpetrators being ejected and banned from future meetings. You have been warned!

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