Regeneration Update – Dec 19

HBC team called a meeting to give us an update on the regeneration plan, to discuss the state of the current skatepark, a potential gap in provision and to start identifying potential funding sources. 

In a nutshell, here are the main points. 

  • The consultants for the regeneration project are due to submit their new plan this week which may include a designated location for the skatepark (fingers crossed for Westbeach).
  • There will be no money available directly from the Regeneration team, however, they have committed to helping us find other sources of funding.
  • HBC have put together a detailed action plan which we can use to collaborate with them, inc a list of potential funding sources and the application process.
  • We will divide up the funding applications so our group applies for some, HBC apply for others depending upon which group is most likely to succeed.
  • HBC said there was potential to raise some money through section 106 (historic CIL) funding, so they are looking into that.
  • Veolia landfill fund looks the most promising but is very competitive as they get lots of applications for investment.
  • Matt to try to get a campaign/fundraising website sorted out.

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