Site visit from the experts

To help us better understand our options for any new park we arranged for a skatepark builder to make a site visit to look at the current location and advise us on our options on the 29th Jan 2018. 

Full minutes are available via the Facebook Group.

Here’s a rundown of the main points: 

We were advised to try to extend the current skatepark footprint to 20m x 40m for better zoning (currently 34m x 15m and SSSI, so would require planning and consent from Natural England).

Land is owned by HBC and managed by their estates team. 

£200k budget is realistic to build a good park, more money buys more interesting features. 

Far cheaper to keep the park where it is and to utilise the existing base to reduce groundwork costs.  

HBC need to follow formal procurement procedures so have to go to tender. 

Need to ensure any contractor is financially solvent to ensure they can finish the project if unseen costs arise. 

For community fundraising ideas, look at the St Ives project as the benchmark. 

Realistic timeframe is 3-4 years.

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