The Hayling Skatepark Project is born

During the initial consultation meeting in Nov with HBC, it became clear that if we were going to stand any chance of our campaign being successful, we would need to sharpen up and approach the project professionally and in an organised and efficient manner.

This involved formalising our group by creating a committee and to by signing a constitution which governs the behaviour of the group and gave us some legitimacy in order to start engaging other stakeholders and fundraising. You can see our constitution here.

To help us work in a faster and more agile way, we set up a steering group who were democratically elected by the members of the group and empowered to make decisions on their behalf.

The mandatory steering group members are as follows:

Chairman – Matt Pilkington
Skills: Strategy, project management & marketing.

Secretary – Darren Drinkwater
Skills: Marketing, Social Media, Photography & Editorial.

Treasurer – Rory Ellis
Skills: Business administration, marketing & finance.

Other members include:

Jamie Shepherd & Joseph D
Skills: Photographers & Film makers.

George Burras
Skills: Skatepark builder

Wiggy Sunderland
Skills: Event organiser and party animal.

Skills: Managerial and bid writing (won lottery grant before).

Murray Cross
Skills: Fundraising

Mike Spong
Skills: Skateboarding

Josh Taylor
Skills: Skateboarding

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