The Regeneration Project

In January, HBC released the Hayling Island Seafront Regeneration Analysis and Feasibility Study.

The report is a hefty document and worth a read, but in summary their recommendations are to develop Westbeach as a watersports centre to boost tourism, to convert Beachlands into a residential area and further develop Eaststoke as a community hub. 

The study suggests moving the location of the skatepark to Eaststoke, so for many reasons already covered, we are challenging this and have asked this be reviewed when the consultants produce the actual regeneration plan for HBC later this year.

The main issues with Eaststoke are that there is insufficient space to build a viable skatepark there, it’s going to cost a lot more to build it compared to Westbeach due to the additional groundworks, it’s too close to residential properties which may result in noise complaints and mixing skatepark users and tourists / young families will cause friction between both groups. 

The strategy for the regeneration plan is a very complex and long term project and one which relies heavily on the sale of HBC assets to fund it, therefore it is both a threat as well as an opportunity for our group, as while they may have money to support the campaign or contribute towards the park, they also call the shots and may set the timescale. 

Currently our project is on hold until more detail emerges about the proposed plans for Westbeach which will be in the next phase in the plan due to be released over the summer.

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